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Like, why should I mention an online writing class to my clients?
If they have an interest in writing compelling fiction, why not?
Community Authors’ series the Craft of Writing has been reviewed as “the most comprehensive class on the market today” by international best-selling author V. S. Alexander.


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Write Your Best Story—Learn How Today

I believe you have a story worth telling, and we can help.

For years, Community Authors has supported the writing of New York Times & USA Today best-selling authors, and we would love to work with you. Through coaching, editing, and story development we can advance your writing life.

In a brand new video series, Community Authors’ Christopher Hawke walks you through learning the craft of writing. Designed especially for the busy writer, this month-long course requires no more than 10 minutes a day and is likely to be the only writing series you’ll ever need. Learn at your own pace. Watch a video a day or view as many lessons as you’d like at one time.

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Intro * The Beginning * Vital Whispers * Story Building * Groundbreaking Stories * Your Sanctuary * Expectations * Foreshadowing * Suspended Disbelief * CWHO * Character * Wanted * However * Ongoing * The Plot Skeleton * Keeping the Reader’s Interest * Suspense * Arcs and the Plot * Supporting Characters * The Three Parts of Writing * Who’s Showing the Story? * Narrative Voice * Hooks * Crafting Sentences and Paragraphs * Descriptions * Dialogue * Show Don’t Tell * Flowing Choreography * Characterizing * Metaphors * Nonfiction * Commas * Making Your Writing Soulful * Driving Your Story Forward * Setting Tempo * The Payoff * Self-Editing Your Work * Final Thoughts

“Community Authors’ series the Craft of Writing is the most comprehensive class on the market today. Christopher Hawke guides the writer from story concept to the finished product in an entertaining and inspiring fashion.”
—V. S. Alexander, author of The Magdalen Girls and The Taster


“An exemplary lecture series, well worth the time.”
—Traci Hall, author of the By the Sea series